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Need a Career Change? Best Practices to Land Your Next Job

Leaving an unsatisfying job is a common New Year’s resolution. Here in Spring Forward's Rhode Island office, we're getting lots of calls from customers wanting a change. If you’re thinking about applying to a new job, you need to ask yourself...

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If You Want A Job, You Must Embrace Change

When I work with clients, I notice they fall into one of three camps: those who are distrusting of résumé writers because they’ve been burned in the past by a scam; those who resist every idea because “that’s not how I was always told to do...

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Target The Job To The Résumé (Not The Résumé To The Job)

All too often when I first begin working with a client, I receive job descriptions and am told to make the résumé match the job requirements. While it's great that clients have a focus in mind, there is a fine line between aligning your résumé...

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