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Rhode Island has a competitive job market.

It is home to thousands of qualified applicants, gifted individuals, and one of the Ivy League’s finest institutions, Brown University. If you want to land a coveted open position, you’re going to have to work hard. You may also need the guidance of a professional Rhode Island résumé writing service.

At Spring Forward Résumés, we provide high-quality, attractive career documents. Whether you’re entering the workforce from college for the first time, looking for a career change, or returning after a long hiatus, we can help. Our résumé writing experts have specific knowledge of entry-level résumés, academia, military transitional résumés, curriculum vitae, addressing work gaps, and more. We’re experts in nearly every industry, including information technology, healthcare, business and management, finance, marketing, and anything else you can think of!

Why Do You Need Professional Writing Services in Rhode Island?

In a densely populated job market like Rhode Island, a hiring manager receives hundreds of job applications for a single position. Thanks to its proximity to several fine academic institutions along the East Coast, the state is a hub for talented and intelligent people, all of whom are vying for the same jobs. Couple this with the fact that the average hiring manager only looks at a résumé for four seconds before making a decision, and you have a big task on your hands.

Will your résumé and cover letter go into the small pile of interviewees, or into the recycling bin? With the help of a professional résumé writing service, you can achieve the former.

The practice of résumé writing has gone digital. Today, much of the initial recruitment process takes place online. In order to make it through the first round of elimination, your résumé must include optimization that makes sense to a business applicant tracking system (ATS). At Spring Forward Résumés, we know how these systems work and will optimize your documents for easy search and retrieval. We also know how to maximize your visibility online through sites like LinkedIn, where 98% of recruiters are finding candidates.

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The job market in Rhode Island

Looking for a job in Rhode Island? You’re not alone. Job seekers will be relieved to know that U.S. News rates Providence as having a healthier-than-average job market, compared to metro areas of a similar size. The median salary in Providence is $51,100, compared to the national average of $49,630. Its largest sectors are health and finance, and some of the area’s largest employers include Roger Williams Medical Center, GTECH Corporation, Citizen’s Financial, and Brown University.

Rhode Island recovered well from the recent recession, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2007, the unemployment rate skyrocketed to over 11%, making it one of the hardest hit metropolitan areas (the national average at the time was closer to 9%). However, the unemployment rate in 2017 was only 4.4%, on par with the current national average.

Rhode Island is an attractive place to work, both for locals and those looking for employment nationally. People gravitate to the East Coast for its scenic autumns, picturesque winters, and ocean-side summers. If you like the changing of the seasons and proximity to the beach, the East Coast is the place for you. Rhode Island also has a rich culture of progressivism, intellectualism, and colonial history.

Based on current employment data, Rhode Island is an enjoyable place to build a career and settle down. With the abundance of talented young people around, however, you’ll have to make sure that your résumé stands out from the crowd if you want a job here.

Highest paying jobs in Rhode Island

As home to a major academic center with a top-rated medical school and residency programs, it should come as no surprise that some of the area’s highest paying jobs are in medicine and healthcare. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, anesthesiologists are the highest paid professionals in Rhode Island, followed closely by psychiatrists. All other physician specialties come in at number four, and dentists command the number five spot for highest paid professionals.

Another high-paying sector in the area is finance and business. Chief executives, human resource professionals, and public relations managers are all among the highest paying jobs in Rhode Island. Mid-level professionals can also expect fair compensation for their time – a training manager, for example, can expect to earn around $141,000 a year. Entry level sales positions can expect to pull in around $50,000-$100,000 per year, depending on their experience and drive.

How Professional Writing Services Can Help You Land a RI Job

Rhode Island may be a market that fairly compensates its employees, but it’s also competitive. If you want to elevate your résumé and receive a job offer from the position of your dreams, you need the help of a professional Rhode Island résumé writing service.

At Spring Forward Résumés, we bring 15 years of experience to the table, in both writing and editing services. We put our talents to the test and create engaging, polished résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that highlight your experience and relevant skills. Our services suit any level professional, from someone looking for a first job to those with years of experience wanting to make a big move. Thanks to several nearby universities in Rhode Island and Boston, we also create curriculum vitae for residency, professional, and academic positions. No matter your industry or relevant skills, we can make your documents noticeable in the pool of applicants.

Each career journey is unique.

We don’t adhere to a “one size fits all” approach. Take some time to review our client testimonials, and then experience for yourself what we’re all about.

Our professional résumé creation services are completely customizable based on your unique needs and skill set. Our process begins with a consultation where we’ll learn more about you, your career goals and hopes, and any relevant history. Using this information, we will craft optimized, professional career documents tailored to your professional goals. We believe it’s about more than putting together words on paper – it’s about creating a favorable image in a hiring manager’s mind.

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