3 Reasons to Hire a Certified Professional Résumé Writer

Karen Springer Mar 23, 20180 comments

If you’ve done a Google search for a résumé writer in job-competitive places like Rhode Island, Boston, MA, Hartford, CT, New York City, or nationwide lately, it yields pages of results. The choices can seem overwhelming! Here’s why it’s best to hire résumé services with qualifications like the Certified Professional Résumé Writer credential.

Myth #1: Every Résumé Writer Does the Same Thing

With everything online at our fingertips, we are surrounded by ads. Many job seekers fall victim to online résumé scams or shoddy work for low prices. These “too good to be true” outlets promise immediate turnaround and results for little cash. Beware! According to AARP, complaints about scams from résumé services are rising. Often, these so-called résumé writers are simply content mills located overseas. They take your information as-is and paste it into a template. Once you’ve paid and they’ve completed the data dump, you never hear from them again.

If you’ve looking for résumé services in New York City. Hartford, Boston, Rhode Island, or anywhere else, take heart. You can search online at Career Directors International (CDI) for a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CRPW) and find places that are legit. Members of CDI, like Spring Forward Résumés, must pass a background and certification check before being listed on the site.

Reputable résumé writers have a business website and owner behind the name. The best résumé writers are members of organizations like the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC). Karen Springer, founder of Spring Forward Résumés in Rhode Island, is a member of PARW/CC. She is also trained through their résumé writing program and earned the Certified Professional Résumé Writer credential. The CPRW is the résumé industry “gold standard,” and means clients are working with the very best!

Myth #2: Any Good Writer Can Help Me

Anyone could hang a shingle and claim to be a professional résumé writer. Cheaper isn’t always better – the old adage, you get what you pay for, applies here. Many people have the misguided notion that because they’re good writers, they are good résumé writers and career coaches. However, this is simply not true: résumé writing is a unique art, requiring years of training and a thorough understanding of human resources, the interview and hiring process, and the job market. It also requires specialized knowledge of certain formats and nuances catered to each client. If the person you’re speaking to claims to be a professional but doesn’t have professional credentials or memberships, or can’t tell you exactly how he or she will help you beyond vague statements, run in the opposite direction!

A Certified Professional Résumé Writer typically has years of experience working with hundreds to thousands of clients. They have been exposed to nearly every job situation, career level, and industry out there. As an example, say you’re from Hartford, CT, and looking for an IT job in nearby Windsor, CT, home to many tech companies. The best resume services have earned at least the CPRW title, are highly experienced, maintain memberships in professional résumé and career industry associations, and are known for producing résumés for clients that get interviews.

When looking for résumé services, always ask how many years of experience they have in résumé writing, job search assistance, and career coaching. Additionally, ask if they are certified, and verify credentials online. Check reviews on Google and recommendations on LinkedIn. See what actual clients have said about the quality of work. The best résumé services will provide a free critique with what specifically they will do for you.

 Myth #3: Every Résumé Writer Knows What I Need

To become a Certified Professional Résumé Writer, candidates must make use of a study guide. They consult grammar books and read about résumé writing. A candidate must have experience writing résumés for all types of clients and industries. They should know about résumé writing norms and proper business communication.

Once candidates sit for the CPRW test, they get a hypothetical client file. Then they prepare a job-winning résumé and cover letter. Next, the test is graded by a panel of anonymous fellow CPRW earners who have been trained in scoring the tests. Those who pass exemplify excellence in résumé writing. CPRWs successfully market their client for the job he or she wants.

That distinction is very important, especially if you’re searching for a job in a highly competitive market, like Boston, MA. Boston is home to many financial institutions. If you’re going to get a job in Boston, you need career documents that sell you. You also need a robust online presence. Unfortunately, not all résumé services know what you need.

However, a Certified Professional Résumé Writer asks about your current job and goals. They evaluate your current résumé and cover letter. Lastly, the CPRW provides tailored solutions and revamps your career documents. They also develop a custom résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn if you don’t have one.

Your career documents are vital to your financial security, so make sure you choose a Certified Professional Résumé Writer to help you stand out. Spring Forward Résumés is among the best résumé services in Boston, Hartford, NYC, and Rhode Island! We scored 96 out of 100 on the CPRW exam. That is, in the words of Vicki Fox, President of PARW/CC, “exceptional!”

As you can see, there is a lot of value to working with a CPRW. To see what Spring Forward Résumés and Karen Springer, CPRW, can do for you, contact us for a consultation today.