Frequently Asked

Why would I need résumé services?

In the business world, your words define you. A unique turn of phrase can make you stand out in a hiring manager’s mind. When your résumé isn’t getting calls and you aren’t landing the offers you want, it’s time see a pro. Spring Forward Résumés helps job seekers do exactly that – spring forward. By adding voice, vibrancy, and life to your career documents and online presence, we can launch your job search where you want it to go. We’re in the business of words, and we make them to work for you with our proven process.

Some fast facts

  • Recruiters typically fill an open position in an average of 52 days.
  • Only 4% of recruiters avoid social media during the hiring process, and LinkedIn is the top social media network for hiring activities.
  • Recruiters get what they need from a résumé in about 20 seconds, often less, and one in five HR clerks will discard a résumé before finishing a scan.

At Spring Forward Résumés, we build a presence for you on social media and through conventional hiring pathways so your name stands out among the others. With something as crucial as a promotion or a first interview, you want to step with your best foot forward. Offering an outdated format or template without the information hiring managers want to see, sending a document that’s not proofread, or providing an un-optimized LinkedIn profile won’t deliver results. An awkward phrase or typo usually means a toss in the “no” pile, and so will tired, dull job search documents. Don’t let a grammatical error or odd sentence hold you back. Spring Forward Résumés delivers for our clients with more than 15 years of expert career services experience.

Can’t I just do it myself?

Résumé writing is much more than just creating an attractive document. It is actually only one piece in a highly strategic puzzle. Many job seekers think they are writing a résumé for the decision-maker. Actually, every résumé must go through at least three scans before it ever reaches the decision-maker – the HR clerk, the Applicant Tracking System, and the hiring manager. If your job search documents and professional online profiles aren’t optimized and appealing, you might as well be invisible.

To find and secure employment in an increasingly competitive market, job seekers must make the right impression with a complete strategy. Good résumé and cover letter writing, using social media like LinkedIn, having sharp interviewing skills, and demonstrating the ability to negotiate are all necessary for a modern job search. That’s why it’s a wise investment to hire a pro like Spring Forward Résumés to expertly position you for the best opportunities and guide you through any obstacles. Not only are you leaving an average $962 on the table every week you are unemployed or underemployed, you also make more over the course of your career by hiring a professional versus going it alone. Contact us for a consultation on how we can help.

What types of things can you help me with?

Résumé/CV Writing

Consider a CV writing service or résumé builder service, even if you’re not actively searching for a new position. You never know when an opportunity may arise. Networking plays a role in 85% of all job fulfillment activities, but you still need high-quality job search documents to make an impression. Our CV and résumé writer services enable professionals to discover and keep career opportunities they may not have realized were possible.

Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a significant role in the modern hiring process. Allow us to help you build your best LinkedIn profile, gain traffic, and engage competitive recruiters. Spring Forward Résumés is your best-kept digital professional development secret.

Targeted Career Coaching

If you struggle with how to conduct your job search, how to answer hiring managers’ interview questions, or how to negotiate a job offer, allow us to help. With more companies using technology and big data to source candidates, you cannot afford to be out of the loop. We can help you prepare you for interviews (including virtual interviews), show you how to find a job online, and give you personalized advice on getting the salary you want. We provide customized coaching for any stage of your career. Discover the tools of the recruiting trade and take control of your professional development.

More info about Spring Forward Résumés

What makes your business different from all the others out there?

We realize experience alone doesn’t indicate success, and our team doesn’t rest on its laurels. Spring Forward Résumés is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) with 15+ years of hands-on, award-winning expertise. The CPRW credential is consider the industry gold standard, so rest assured that you are working with a firm that is among the very best!

We are proud of the trust our customers place in us, with five-star reviews across the Web on Google, LinkedIn, Thumbtack, Yelp, YP, and more.

Our business earned recognition as a Top Pro in 2016, 2017, and 2018 from consumer hub Thumbtack for excellent service to clients in Rhode Island, Hartford, Boston, New York City, and everywhere in between. Additionally, in 2016, Spring Forward Résumés was named #1 Editor locally in Providence, Rhode Island. The business also is the #1 Career Coach and a Top 10 Writer in Providence two years in a row, and won a Best of Award, with recognition in Providence Business News, in 2015.

Do you work with my industry and experience level?

Spring Forward Résumés provides résumé and CV writing services that make your name stand out. Give us an outline of the basics, tell us your goals, and watch as we transform your information into a cohesive display of talent, credibility, and capability. Our unparalleled service means that we give personalized attention to each client through one-on-one consultations and interaction throughout the process.

We’ve worked with nearly any industry and career situation imaginable, from an apprentice boilermaker in Australia, to an art teacher in Italy, to an information technology executive in Dubai, to a freelance graphic designer in Moab, and everything in between. We cater to individuals from every career level and proudly serve clients locally in Rhode Island as well as nationwide, including competitive metros like New York City, Hartford, and Boston.

When done well, your job search strategy should give employers a reason to spend more than 20 seconds giving your candidacy the once-over. With reasonable turnaround times, stellar references, and five-star reviews, you’ll appreciate our commitment and dedication to the integrity of your job search.

How long have you been in business and how did you get started in this line of work?

Our founder, Karen Springer, CPRW, has been writing since she could pick up a pencil. She started résumé writing on a freelance basis after 12 years as a communications and marketing professional, working her way up to VP positions at major institutions. She trained on best practices through the prestigious National Résumé Writers’ Association and the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC), becoming a Certified Professional Résumé Writer after an intensive three-day examination testing her writing ability, career services knowledge, and customer service skills. Karen is proud of earning a 96 out of 100 on the test – a feat that, per PARW/CC president Vicki Fox, is “exceptional!”

Over the course of her career, Karen has earned recognition as a highest honors graduate from Norwich University’s Master of Business Administration program, and is also a Certified Risk and Compliance Management Professional from the International Association of Risk & Compliance Management Professionals (IARCP). Her IARCP certification, her MBA’s focus on project management, and her prior experience in the finance and HR fields give her an edge working with clients from multiple industries.

As she began working with more clients, Karen found that her résumé writing services delivered satisfaction that was more than a paycheck – it gave her a chance to make a difference in someone’s life. Soon after realizing all she could offer full-time through tailored résumé writing and career services, Spring Forward Résumés was launched officially in 2013.

Today, Karen continues to oversee all company activities. From first job résumés to executive-level leadership support, our experience means we are capable of providing compelling career documents, optimized social media profiles, and targeted coaching that can help any job seeker.

Karen and the Spring Forward Résumés team are proud to consistently deliver five-star service as reviewed on Google, LinkedIn, Thumbtack, Yelp, and YP. You won’t find another résumé builder online that offers the same level of personalized support. Spring Forward Résumés offers unique, personalized, and dedicated service to job seekers of all levels and abilities.

Do you have samples that I can see?

Yes. Please go here and take a look at some before and after examples from several different industries. However, keep in mind that every document we create is from scratch and crafted solely for each individual client. We do not use templates, and adopt several different approaches depending on what we feel will provide the best results.

How do I get started and how much does it cost?

Expert résumé writing, targeted cover letter writing, a savvy social media presence, and a comprehensive jobs search strategy can transform how someone looks at your candidacy. Get your experience and skills the attention they deserve by engaging our team. Spring Forward Résumés starts with a detailed consultation, in which we show you exactly what your job search needs from a hiring manager’s perspective, and go over our recommendations. Since every project is different, we offer many customized options and find solutions that work for everyone.

Once you’ve chosen the best option for you, you’ll see an immediate return on your investment with our unique, personalized, and award-winning approach.

We’ll give your career – and you – a boost of confidence and a breath of fresh air.

Reach out to us today to see how we can help you present your best professional self.

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