Get Your Résumé Noticed by Answering This One Question

Karen Springer Mar 16, 20180 comments

Most job seekers today understand that to impress an employer in competitive markets, such as Boston, you need your résumé to stand out. In a sea of worthy applicants, what makes your qualifications better than the next candidate’s? As most reputable résumé services in Boston, and established HR professionals, will tell you, hiring managers don’t care where you’ve worked or what degrees you have if they can’t verify what you’ve done and how you did it. If you don’t tell them, then managers will assume you can’t do the job. That’s why it’s essential to answer the question of how you achieved success. Follow these three steps and you’ll wow hiring managers in no time.

Tip #1: Tell Them What You Did

Everyone can say “I managed budgets and supervised employees.” But what, exactly did you do to accomplish that? According to Karen Springer, who provides résumé services in Boston, the trick is to give hiring managers specifics on your résumé. When you managed budgets, did you analyze department spending and make cuts to stay within budget? When you supervised employees, did you sit down with each member of your staff and develop a performance plan to monitor progress?

Tip #2: Explain the Actions You Took

Once you’ve addressed what you did, you need to then tell managers how you did it. Look at the difference between these two sentences. Which one is more appealing?

Managed budgets and supervised sales representatives for large company.


Analyzed costs and renegotiated vendor contracts to reduce rates; led staff through targeted training and performance expectations, achieving 200% of sales goal.

The first one states duties without context. The second one draws the reader in with how they met those duties and made money for the company.

Tip #3: Frame Each Accomplishment

When a company posts for an open position, they’re looking for someone to solve a particular problem. It’s called professional pain. Your job is to solve that pain. For example: Company A is looking for an experienced sales representative to quickly grow business in a territory with major competitors. If you’re known for establishing new sales territories and growing markets in competitive locations, explain your sales technique to Company A in a way that addresses their pain:

Challenge: My employer lacked a market presence in a competitive area.

Action: I utilized my extensive product knowledge and called on prospects to develop relationships and propose solutions to their needs.

Result: I landed several new accounts, capturing 15% of market share in a new territory within 6 months.

These stories – how you performed your job and helped the company’s bottom line – are what employers want to see. If you’re looking for a job in Massachusetts, make sure your accomplishments are properly captured by hiring résumé services in Boston that will bring your professional story to life.

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