Need a Career Change? Best Practices to Land Your Next Job

Karen Springer Jan 18, 20180 comments

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Leaving an unsatisfying job is a common New Year’s resolution. Here in Spring Forward’s Rhode Island office, we’re getting lots of calls from customers wanting a change. If you’re thinking about applying to a new job, you need to ask yourself some questions to determine how you will approach the job search and application process. These may include why your current job doesn’t move you toward your long-term career goals, whether you’re well-prepared to seek a new position, or if you need the help of résumé writing services in RI as you look for a job in the Ocean State.

Why Do I Want to Leave My Current Job?

Before you move forward, you need to understand what you dislike about your current job. Do you have issues with your boss? Do you feel micromanaged or not managed enough? Are you stagnating in your current role or feeling overwhelmed? Do you want to advance or feel that you have too much responsibility too soon? Once you have a handle on your reasons for wanting a change, you can better determine what you need in your new job.

What Do I Want in My Next Job?

Don’t start looking for a new employer until you’ve decided what you want in a new job. This includes salary, benefits, and job responsibilities. You should also carefully consider your ideal job location. That’s where résumé writing services in RI can be valuable in helping you develop a strategy and target companies here. In addition, consult with people you work with who know you well. Thinking things through will help prevent you from moving to another job where you’ll be dissatisfied after a few months.

What Are My Job Requirements?

Decide now what issues are non-negotiable for your next job. Be honest with yourself. Write them all down, from job location to specific days off. Perhaps there are hours you cannot work, or you want a better work-life balance. If you can foresee specific work requirements that will create dissatisfaction similar to what you are feeling in your current job, don’t take a job that includes them. It’s important that you don’t thoughtlessly start a new job that will quickly become unsatisfactory for the same reasons.

Have I Planned for a Transition?

Transitions can place a lot of stress on you and your family. Have you considered all the obstacles that you may face? Have you planned for the unexpected? Can you pay your bills and keep your family properly supported on current savings? The consensus among experts is that you will need to cover up to six months of living expenses during a job transition. If you have to continue to work during your job search, will your current employer approve of this? If not, do you have adequate leave days saved up, or does your employer have a flex-hours option you can take advantage of?

Changing careers presents unique challenges. Prepare yourself now before you start the transition. Make sure you know what you want, and how you will overcome the hurdles you will inevitably encounter during this time.

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